Power Up!

Feel the power! Achieve 3000 Total Power Points in a month and you'll receive a free, amazing, limited edition Flywheel gift. These cannot be purchased -- you've gotta earn them through your athletic prowess and your dedication to the ride!

There's no need to sign up....we'll track your Power Points for you and let you know when you hit the goal*. Of course, you can track your progress on the Performance tab under My Account at www.flywheelsports.com. There will be a new gift every month, so commit to Power Up and collect them all!

If you have any additional questions, ask the front desk or email retail@flywheelsports.com.

*In the event of data loss for any ride, we will use your average power points to credit your account for the missing ride. Gifts will be ready for pickup at Flywheel studios. If the gift is a shirt, and you have not selected a shirt size in your account profile, men will receive large and women will receive medium shirts. Winners will be notified via email with the details.

Fly with Friends

Refer a Friend and earn $50 in Flywheel credit.
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